Fresh fruit and veggies can amp up your diet.

Looking to improve your nutrition and reap the health benefits? Now is the time! Summer is the
perfect time to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. A variety of in-season foods
are available, so it’s easy to add some variety and try something new.

Here are some easy ways to fit more produce into your day:

Smoothies: Grab a blender and get to it. Try yogurt or almond milk, ice, and the fruits of
your choice. This is a great way to get a little green into your day, too. Spinach and kale
are actually quite tasty in smoothies!

Salads: I know, I know – a salad can seem like the most basic and boring way to eat
vegetables. But a little imagination makes a world of difference. Try sliced peaches on
kale, or add berries to your favorite spinach salad. Getting a wider variety of nutrients can
be as easy as adding new toppings to your favorite meals.

Stir fries: There’s no wrong way to make a stir fry. Grab veggies like green beans, kale,
peppers, and onions and go to town. This is another opportunity to add something new to
a recipe that’s an old favorite.

Soups: Sure, a hot pot of stew isn’t top-of- mind in the heat of the summer. But consider
cold soups. Gazpacho is a refreshing way to eat tomatoes, peppers, onions, and celery.
And there are a bunch of cold cucumber-based soups that are easy and delicious.

Snacks: Don’t settle for a granola bar. In the summer, it’s especially easy to snag fruits
and veggies on your way out the door. Prep a small container of fresh berries or carrots.
And remember that apples and bananas are great grab-and- go grub year-round.

Sauces: When you’ve got tomatoes coming out of your ears, consider the cold winter
days when you’d kill for some homemade marinara or a perfect salsa. A little work now
making and freezing these goodies can create a mighty bounty that will feed you in the
months to come.

Fruits: Think outside the crate and get creative. Fruit can be amazing grilled. Try
pineapple and peaches to get started. And don’t forget fruit pie, cobblers, and preserves.
Sure, these last three aren’t exactly health foods, but live a little. Fresh fruits are at their
peak for such a short time – take advantage!

In Kansas City, we’re fortunate to have many sources for local fruits and veggies. There are
several community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs in town. And the City Market and
downtown Overland Park both have vibrant farmer’s markets. Stock up on produce, try
something new, and fuel your body right.

Dr. Lynn McIntosh is a board-certified chiropractor. In addition to being licensed to provide
general chiropractic care, she is also a certified chiropractic sports physician, working with
athletes from multiple disciplines on specific sports-related problems. She’s also board-certified
in acupuncture. Learn more at